Grateful For The Holidays

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December 2018

As we approach the end of 2018, we do so with a greater-than-ever focus on gratitude in Gadsden County, Florida. When hurricane MICHAEL impacted so many in our state and county only a few months ago, everyone began to do what people always seem to do – reach out to friends, family, neighbors and strangers. Isn’t it always amazing in time of need and crisis how we all become one – no race, no religion, no politics, no economic status – just people loving on each other. People seeking out those most in need and providing them with food, water, shelter, heavy lifting to clear debris, and in too many cases, demolition work for homes and buildings that were condemned or flooded. First responders worked round the clock for weeks – in fact many areas of Florida are still cleaning up. Businesses did their best to reopen as soon as they could, and many restaurants operated on generators to offer the public complimentary meals when many were without power.

If was a time for many of us to again become closer to our neighbors, checking on them to see if they needed anything, including a hug and word of encouragement. The entire state of Florida came together with a united purpose and a generous spirit that not only inspired hope but warmed our hearts.

Our main message today is to say “Thank You” to family, friends, neighbors, staff, clients, first responders and all those who just loved on each other during the past few months; people who continue to be there for each other no matter what kind of day they are having. Always knowing when someone needs a hug or a kind word, and ready to carry the torch when others haven’t felt like it, because their lives have forever changed.

Over the past few months we have cried so many tears together and still do today. The wound of Mother Nature is still fresh and the hole deep. And we could not be functioning at the level we are today without all the love and support of those around us.

We are truly blessed, and oh so grateful during this Holiday season, and so look forward to a positive 2019.  Yes, Gadsden County is open for business and we hope you will find some time to visit our amazing destination soon.

Happy Holidays from all of us in Gadsden County Florida.


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