Power of Anticipation

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December 2018

When friends and family ask us about vacation – especially the one we just took – we typically paint a picture of historic venues, kayaking on majestic lakes, hiking the most amazing trails, experiencing the most unbelievable sunsets, the incredible dining experiences, sipping cocktails at the local hangouts, or just sunning by the pool. All wonderful memories, right? But would you be surprised to know that the happiest part of most vacations happens before you ever set foot in your destination?

It’s true…at least research says so.

More to the point, just planning or anticipating your next trip can make you happier than taking it.  So, start planning that next vacation.

Several studies have concluded that almost all vacationers experience a significant boost in happiness during the planning stages of their trip because, drum roll please, they were looking forward to the good times.  We know, not rocket science, but hey, if anticipating that perfect family vacation or romantic getaway is good for the soul, then what are you waiting for; begin planning that next escape from work, the chores, the kids, the (fill in the blank).

Oh, and don’t forget to actually take the vacation…it’s not so bad either!

Believe it or not, polls reveal that roughly 32% of Americans used zero of their vacation days in 2017, and worse, that most say they are simply too stressed to take time off. Ugh.  It’s time to face the music: VACATION IS HEALTHY, and more American’s (and foreigners of course) need to be both planning and taking a vacation – NOW!!

Bottom of FormToo daunting to plan a “big” vacation you say?  Then try swapping out ONE BIG “STRESSFUL” vacation for shorter getaways throughout the year – a 3-day weekend here, a 4-day weekend there.  That way, you don’t feel like you’re gone from work for too long, and you get to enjoy the repeated happiness boost of planning multiple vacations. It’s a win-win. For example, if you Gadsden County, Florida is a possible destination of choice you might want to consider spending a few days in town for:

  • The upcoming Crappie Nationals Fishing Tournament on Lake Talquin February 8th and 9th.
  • The Norman Rockwell exhibition at the Gadsden County Arts Center & Museum in Quincy – January 11-March 19, 2019.
  • Or the Havana Hills Ride on February 24, 2019 to kick start the cycling season in Havana, Florida.

There are plenty of place to stay in Gadsden County including our romantic and historic bed & breakfasts in Quincy.  Plus there are plenty of things to do.

Try to maximize the pre-trip happiness boost by fully indulging in the excitement of planning. Start visiting some websites like www.DoSomethingOriginal.com and begin making your travel decisions for the year. Talk to people about your plans, brag about them on social media, and revel in the anticipation.

Listen, we don’t know what you do for a living, but we do know that you likely need a break – especially after the hectic holiday.  We are challenging you – yes, the busy overworked, stressed you – to take a break.

See you in Gadsden County.

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